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Finnish Chart Polski Club (Suomen Puolanvinttikoirat ry) was founded in 2012. The Finnish Chart Polski Club is a member in Finnish Sighthound association (Suomen Vinttikoiraliitto ry). We have 21 members (8.6.2015). The Club's goal is to make Chart Polski more popular and focus in keeping the breed healthy and suitable for hobbies.

We have ~50 Chart Polski in Finland now, and 4 active breeders. You can find Finnish Chart Polski stud dogs listed under page"Jalostusurokset/Stud males". We have a forum (discussion mostly in Finnish) here.

The Board consists of 3 members in year 2018:
Chairman: Taru Partinen
Member: Päivi Härkönen

Member: Nina Turunen
Secretary (outside of the board): Katariina Sarin


The breeding board 2018:
Katariina Sarin
Nina Turunen